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League and Tournament RULES

4th and 5th Grade Divisions

All play will be in accordance with IHSA rules except for the following league rules:

Playing Time

Playing time should be distributed as fairly and equally among the team members as possible. This rule applies to all players dressed in uniform for that game, whether it’s a league or tournament game. Coaches may limit an individual’s playing time based on poor conduct, sportsmanship, attitude or behavior during practice or games. Playing time may also be reduced if a player fails to meet eligibility requirements. Playing time shall not be reduced based solely upon physical abilities. If playing time for a child in uniform is limited, the head coach must inform the site coordinator prior to the game. The site coordinator will bring this to the attention of the opposing team.

All players dressed in uniform shall be removed from the game for at least 4 minutes in each half. The 4 minutes does not have to be consecutive. Exceptions to this rule apply to teams with 4 or 5 players or situations where the team is reduced to 4 or 5 active players due to injury or players fouling out, etc…..

In addition to the head coach another adult must be on the bench during the game. This 2nd adult’s primary responsibility will be to ensure that the playing time rules are being followed as prescribed above.


Player Registration:

  1. Younger-age players are allowed to play in an older division (i.e., 4th graders may participate on a 5th graders team). Teams must participate in the division representing their oldest player. Any exceptions will require Art Sadtler Board approval.

  2. Boys and girls may participate together on a single team. However, the team must be registered in the boys’ division.

  3. Only players registered on the final rosters will be allowed to participate in games.

  4. Players may be added when a team roster falls below eight players. Roster additions must be approved by either league director or Board.

  5. Keeping with the emphasis on instruction and participation, teams with four players at the start of the game will be allowed to play without an automatic forfeit. However, the coach of the opposing team reserves the right to play five players, if so desired, or may elect to play 4 on 4. A team with five or more players at the start of the game must play 5 on 5 and cannot voluntarily elect to play four players (unless the opposing team has fewer than five players as explained above). Teams with fewer than four players at the start of the game will be subject to automatic forfeit. However, teams which start the game with four or more players may continue to play if one or more players foul out.

  6. Sharing of players between teams is not allowed unless approved by the Art Sadtler Board. Sharing of players without Board approval shall result in a forfeit.

  7. The minimum team size shall be 8 players. Any exception will require Board approval.

Player Attire:

  1. Players must wear tennis shoes and socks while participating.
  2. Each player must wear the official Art Sadtler League uniform with a number. Players and coaches must not modify the uniform shirt in any way (cut off sleeves, print name on the back etc.) Any player without a proper uniform may not be allowed to participate unless approved by the opposing coach and the referees. The participant will have until the next game to put the shirt back to original form or the participant must purchase another shirt from the league for a cost to the participant.
  3. No jewelry allowed. No exceptions will be considered and taping over earrings is not allowed. Players cannot wear beads, large or small metal or plastic clips in their hair. They will be removed before the player can enter the game.

Game Info:

  1. The league will provide a basketball for use in the games on game day. Teams should bring their own practice balls. The basketball size is as follows: 28.5 will be used by all girls’ teams and the 4th and 5th grade boys. The 6th grade boys will use an official full-size basketball.
  2. When entering a game, players must report to the scorer’s table.
  3. Games shall consist of two 18-minute periods with a running clock. The clock will be stopped on every referee whistle only during the final two minutes of the first and second half. The clock will be stopped on all time-outs regardless of the time. If a timeout was called during a free-throw, the clock will either start after the rebound or on the ensuing inbounds pass. The referees or site coordinator may stop the clock at other times due to injuries or other situations which may require significant time. There will be a five-minute halftime.
  4. The will consist of a 2-minute period. The clock will be stopped on all shooting fouls and on every whistle during the overtime period.
  5. There will only be for league games. Tie scores after the overtime period will remain a tie, except for the tournament where the OT periods will continue until one team wins.
  6. No three-point baskets will be awarded.
  7. If needed the “home” team is responsible for selecting scorekeepers for the game. If needed the “visiting” team is responsible for selecting timekeepers or as agreed upon by both teams.
  8. The score shall be zeroed if point difference reaches 20; the book will keep the official score.


  1. In an effort to keep play moving with the running clock, the following free-throw shooting rules will be in effect. After a team has committed its 7th, 8th and 9th team fouls of each half, the opposing team will receive 1 point and will retain possession (For example: Team A fouls Team B. Team B receives one point and Team B is awarded the ball out-of-bounds). After a team has committed 10 or more team fouls in one half, the opposing team will be awarded 2 points but will not retain possession of the ball (For example: Team A fouls Team B. Team B receives 2 points and Team A is awarded the ball out-of-bounds). EXCEPTION: 1) Players will shoot free throws on all shooting fouls regardless of the number of team fouls. 2) If a team is in the bonus and a player control foul (ie…charge) is issued, there will be no point awarded.
  2. In the event there is a Technical foul called, whether it is an administrative, or direct, or indirect, 2 points shall be awarded to the opposite team, plus they shall retain the possession of the ball. 2 points will also be awarded for all intentional fouls.

A team fielding a defensive rebound or steal will have the opportunity to bring the ball over the center line without defensive pressure. After a team gains control and “covers” the ball, the defensive team must fall back into the front court behind the restraining line (imaginary line located at top of the key). The defensive team must remain behind the restraining line until the ball has crossed the center line. After the ball crosses the center line, the defensive players are no longer required to remain behind the top of the key. This rule does not apply during the last two minutes of each half and the OT for the 5th grade division. Except as noted in rule 4 below, this rule applies for the entire game in the 4th grade division.

  1. If a team does not “cover” the ball and attempts to initiate a fast break following a defensive rebound or steal, the defensive team is not required to fall back and may defend the ball. A fast break occurs when an offensive team player is in control of the ball in their backcourt and passes a member on the defensive team while dribbling or passing the ball to a teammate. If the fast break is aborted (ball covered) immediately (within a few steps), the defense must fall back to the restraining line. Using the defense falling back to your advantage will not be allowed.



  2. 5th grade teams will not be allowed to full-court press, except during the last two minutes of the first and second half and during the 2-minute overtime. Teams with a lead of 15 points or greater will not be allowed to press. Teams which press in a no-press situation will be warned on the first offense. At the discretion of the referees, subsequent violations may result in a team technical foul (it will not count as a technical foul for the coach or player).
  3. 4th grade teams are not allowed to full court press except in the last 10 seconds of the game and last 10 seconds of OT if the point differential is 2 or less.


  1. Each team will receive 3 timeouts per game with carryover allowed into the second half but not the OT. A one minute time-out will be awarded during any overtime. Each team will also receive 1-30 second timeout per half, with no carryover.


  1. The league enforces a zero-tolerance policy for the conduct of spectators and participants. Profanity, abusive language or creating a disturbance by a coach, player or spectator before, during or after a game will not be tolerated. The league director, officials and /or site coordinators shall have the authority to order the individual(s) to leave the game and the building if such action is warranted. At the ruling of the officials or site coordinator the offender must leave the facility immediately or risk forfeiture of the game. League officials reserve the right to take any corrective action necessary to ensure the violation is not repeated.

  2. A player receiving a technical foul must be removed from the game until the next dead ball. The player cannot re-enter on a time-out.

  3. Any player receiving two or coach receiving one technical foul shall be ejected from the game and may not participate in the following game for their team. They will however be allowed to be a spectator in the stands but not on the bench.

  4. In the event there is a Technical foul called, whether it is an administrative, or direct, or indirect, 2 points shall be awarded to the opposite team, plus they shall retain the possession of the ball.


  1. In accordance with the instructional philosophy of the league’s mission statement, officials may, at their discretion, choose to warn players of infractions as opposed to calling all violations. Officials must be consistent in granting leniency for all players and for both teams.
  2. The philosophy of the league is to emphasize participation, not winning. Therefore, no appeals are allowed and all of the officials’ decisions are final.

Tournament Seeding:

The seeding for the year-end tournament will be based on each team’s regular season record (winning %). Only the Art Sadtler games will be used to determine a team’s winning %, non-league games are excluded. The following criteria (in the order listed) will be used to break ties between teams with identical regular season records (winning %):

A. Head-to-head record (team with better head-to-head record is seeded higher)

B. Head to head games point differential up to a max of 20 awarded for each game

C. Common league opponent games point differential up to a max of 20 awarded for each game

D. Total number of points allowed defensively during the regular season (team allowing fewest points is seeded highest)

E. Total number of points scored offensively during the regular season (team scoring most points is seeded highest)

F. Coin flip by a league official

At the discretion of the League Board, non-league teams may be invited to play in the season ending tournament. The League Board will decide their seeding.